Sponsorship Opportunities

We would love your support!  All sponsors will be featured predominantly on the website, registration booklet, and at the events. The following sponsorship opportunities are available:

  • Friday Night Registration Sponsor: Have your name or company name in lights as the main sponsor for our registration cocktail party on Friday night at The Residence Inn. $1000
  • Saturday Night Event Sponsor: Your name will be above the bandstand at The Old Post as the sponsor for our Saturday night dinner and cocktail party. Includes 4 additional tickets to the Saturday night event. $2750
  • Sunday Night Event Sponsor: This is a great opportunity to sponsor the Writer’s on Water Dinner and Cocktail party, and have your name featured predominantly at the Wilma Theater. Includes 4 additional tickers for The Writer’s on Water dinner. $3500
  • Sponsor a Boat: Please consider sponsoring one of the 14 boats in the event. Your name and/or logo will be featured on the drift boat, and includes two tickets to the Writer’s on Water dinner. $1000
  • Hooks for Books Main Sponsor: This is a great opportunity for a literature lover and supporter of the UofM to have a huge impact. The main sponsorship will be featured predominately in all literature, website, and at the event. Includes 10 additional tickets to the Writers on Water Dinner – where your name will be in lights! $25,000